If you are arriving by car we have four off-street parking spaces located behind the house. To get there, go down the driveway and you will see the four spaces on the left. Please park in a manner which will allow four cars to park here, one care to each yellow curb.

This parking is considered first come first served and you will be towed if you park anywhere else back there besides those four spaces. If those spaces are full, you will have to find parking on the street (free, but always read the signs for no parking zones or regularly scheduled street sweeping).

If you cannot find a spot on Indiana ave. we would recommend that you try Clinton St. (the next intersection after the hostel) since there is parking allowed on either side of the street. If you have no luck there, try Summit St. or Indianola Ave. In the very worst case scenarios (football/soccer game day, concert, local festival, etc...) you may have to park a couple of blocks away from the hostel.

Our neighborhood is very safe, however, this is a big city so don't be a foolish by leaving valuables visible in your car. That would only serve to make our community less safe by enticing would-be criminals to come into our neighborhood in search of windows to break. We have never had any such issues and we would like to keep it that way.