Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the price? $26 to $52 per night depending on your room selection. 
Is there a restriction on age? Guests must be at least 18 years of age or otherwise accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no upper age limit for guests, we only ask that you be young at heart. 
Is there a curfew? No, once checked in you will be issued a PIN number to get into the front door and a separate PIN number to get into your room. You may come and go as you please, but we ask that you remain respectful of other guests that may be sleeping. 
How much does internet access cost? Nothing, it's free! 
How much does it cost to use the laundry equiptment? Nothing, it's free! However, you must provide your own detergent. If you didn't bring any, there is a convenience store nearby. 
Do you honor discounts for Hostelling International members or any other hostel affiliations? No, we are an independent hostel and to make your stay more affordable we are not currently affiliated with any hostel organizations. 
Do you offer separate dorms for men and women? No, we are not a large enough hostel to offer separate dorms. All three of our dorms are co-ed. If your personal philosophy, religion, or culture requires that you do not sleep in the same room as someone from the opposite sex, we would encourage you to book a private room. 
Do I need to bring my own linens? No, we do not allow guests to use their own linens. You will be provided with all the linens you will need including a towel. 
How much does a taxi cost from the airport or bus terminal to the hostel? Too much! ($32 from airport and $17 from the bus station) After placing your booking you will receive information about a $20 transfer. 
What payment methods do you accept? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or Cash (please bring exact change if you are planning to pay with cash). 
May I bring a guest into the house? Yes, but they must remain on the first floor of the house and must remain under your supervision. You will be held responsible for any theft or damage that your guest may cause. 
Is the neighborhood (University District) safe? Yes, given the resources provided to the neighborhood by the neighboring university plus the high prevalence of both students and families, our neighborhood turns out to be one of the safest places to stay in Columbus. As is expected in any big city, we would urge you to not encourage theft in our neighborhood by leaving valuables in your car. 
Do you offer a discount for extended stays? Yes, (option 1) one night free out of a seven night stay or (option 2) 25% off the total bill on a 30 night stay. However the booking must be placed through this website. This deal will not be honored for bookings placed on other websites. Your confirmation email will show the incorrect (pre-discounted) amount due. We must manually apply any discounts to your reservation after you have booked. 
Are there lockers available? Yes, please bring a lock if possible as we have a limited number of locks to lend. Our lockers are the size of a standard gym locker. We recommend that you take your valuables out of your bag and place them into the locker leaving non-valuables (clothes, toiletries, etc) in your bag. 
Is there someone on premises? Yes, the host also lives in the hostel. 
Is there a kitchen available for guest use? Yes, there are two kitchens available to guests. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. 
Is there a way to take public transportation to the hostel? Yes, visit, select directions, select the public transportation option (the tab with a bus on it). Please note that public transportation may not be available very early (before 6 am) or very late (after 11 pm). 
Is there air conditioning? Yes, we have central air for the warmer months of the year. 
Can you accommodate groups? Yes, we have hosted groups as large as 20. However, we do not offer discounts for group bookings at this time. 
Can I drop off my bags early? Yes, you may store belongings in the lockers or the common area before check-in. Please let us know by email what time you will be stopping by to drop your bags off. 
Do I need an ID? Yes, You must have a government issued ID or passport. 
What is the cancellation policy? You must cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before your arrival appointment or you will otherwise be responsible for paying for the first two nights of your reservation. Guests wishing to shorten their stay must also give 48 hours notice to the new expected departure date or must otherwise pay for the two days. 
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